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Monday, December 22, 2014

Music You Remember From The First Hearing

The earliest music I pretty much memorized from my first hearing was off the radio. But lots of it was from the old television serials. For me, some of the best music was the background music for the Lone Ranger. That series has been rerun many times over the years. Episodes were run during many of the local TV station Saturday "kiddie shows" back in the day.

Here's the cut from the Lone Ranger that has haunted me ever since I first heard it. I wish I knew who wrote it.


More of this piece is played in other episodes, but this is the most of it I could find right now.

The music from the Lone Ranger got used over and over, from one episode to another. It gets so familiar that after a while you realize the music is often a hint as to what's about to happen in the episode.

There are a lot of good lessons in this "old" music.


  1. E1M1

    In fact this soundtrack has stuck with me through my entire life. I was 8 when Doom came out and your compositions just blew my mind. I had a Roland Sound Canvas card and the instruments were so crisp. It was the first video game soundtrack to make me think "This is what I want to do!" I'm currently recreating every track from the game for fun and hope to have it finished in a couple months. I think video games need to go back to the roots of their music. I'm not saying there aren't some great soundtracks out there nowadays, but there aren't many I can hear a few seconds of and go "I know that!" Back in the day, video game music complimented the gameplay so much, I feel it's more in the background now.

  2. At the time of working on the game, I had no idea the music would be so widely remembered for decades to come. Thanks for commenting, and I hope you keep on working on your music.

  3. I have to agree 100% the music from doom has stuck with me since I was 4 years old. Thank you for that.

  4. E1M1 as well. It's one of those songs that sticks in your head and it's immediately recognizable. It was one of the first tracks I tried to play when I was learning guitar. I also love "Message for the Archvile" (MAP20) from Doom II. And the Blake Stone theme. Thanks for your amazing contributions, hopefully we get new material from you in newer games.