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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Backup Solution

In a previous post, I talked about online backup. Since that time, I have been trying a new method of backing up -- this one local. After researching tape based backup and realizing that it is very expensive and still not that trustworthy, I came upon external devices that allow you to plug in a standard SATA hard drive. These devices can be connected via USB, SATA and/or eSATA (maybe Firewire, too). I went with a Thermaltake BlacX eSATA USB Docking Station, a SATA to eSATA bracket with cable to extend one of the motherboard SATA connections to the rear of the computer, and a couple of 2TB drives. The docking station came with a short eSATA cable that connects it to the bracket at the rear of the computer.

Now I have an external SATA drive bay and can can alternate backing up critical data to two different external drives. Thankfully, I haven't needed the backups, but it's good to know they're there.

The docking station was around $35. The bracket was around $5. The two drives were a bit over $200. All of this was a lot less expensive than any other solution I could find.

Software for this solution is another story. I've tried a several programs and none of them feel trustworthy to me. Storing data with a non-standard software protocol leaves me at the mercy of a software vendor that may not be there tomorrow. I'll post what I decide upon here. Until then, it's once a week zip files of each directory.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The VERY BEST To Greg Hendershott

Greg is retiring from Cakewalk, effective July 1, 2012, after 25 years!

There is a warm place in my heart for Twelve Tones Software and Cakewalk in general and Greg Hendershott in particular. Greg's Cakewalk software was on the forefront of bringing music creation into the hands of many people who wanted to create music but didn't have access to professional equipment. That original MIDI sequencing software has grown to a product that boggles one's mind. Who would have believed in 1987 that you'd be able to write, perform, record, mix, sweeten, master and output a final recording on a single computer?

THANK YOU, Greg for believing in your idea and bringing it to reality! It has certainly changed my life greatly. Here's to many more years of creativity from you. I wish you health, happiness and fun!

I've told Greg this before in person, but I cannot say it enough.

Here's Greg's Farewell Letter: http://www.cakewalk.com/page.aspx/Farewell-Letter-from-Greg-Hendershott