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Thursday, August 15, 2013

JTV Digital Music Distribution

Anyone out there who's used JTV Digital Music Distribution?

They responded to my earlier post, DistroKid.com Part 2, and said, "Please test our service ... if you're looking for something a bit more "serious" :-)"

Their advertised flat rates are iTunes single - 69 cents; all stores single - $3.05; all stores album (12 tracks) - $36.70; all stores EP (5 tracks) - $15.25. On top of that, they get 10% of the royalty payments.

The stores as of this posting are 7 digital, Amazon, boinc, Deezer, digital-tunes, Google play, gracenote, Grooveshark, iTunes, juno download, movistar, Nokia ovi, rdio, Rhapsody, Spotify and Shazam.

My initial reaction is that they are in a totally different league from DistroKid in their pricing. With JTV Digital, my 21 track "music from Major Stryker" album would have cost $73.40 to distribute as two albums (only 12 tracks allowed per album), plus 10% of any royalties earned. 

JTV Digital has twelve more stores over DistroKid's four. This would definitely have an impact on those who want to be in more stores.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

DistroKid.com Part 9

I've still heard nothing regarding Google Play, which was supposed to take three days, or Amazon, which was to take weeks.

The email address for distrokid is support@distrokid.com. You can also tweet @distrokid.

There's been no response to an email I sent July 9 regarding merging the free uploaded song with an album I'm waiting to upload.

I hear crickets chirping when I go to distrokid.com.

Oh, and if you want to see the home page of distrokid.com, you have to sign out of your "dashboard."

With the superior connectivity between iTunes and distrokid.com (uploaded and live for sale in less than three hours), I'm wondering why distrokid.com cannot receive "nearly live" sales data for songs/albums that can be routed to each appropriate user's page. I'd bet that the labels get that kind of access to data.

I will keep you posted. I'm beginning to think that distrokid.com is an excellent method for getting one song or one album up on iTunes/Spotify. I'm not so sure at this time that I'll upload anything else.