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Saturday, October 19, 2013

DistroKid.com Part 13

To summarize the DistroKid experience, it got the "music from Major Stryker" album on iTunes within a few hours of my uploading it to DistroKid.com. Spotify came through in a few days. Google Play and Amazon took 2-3 months. So I say the jury is still out. I will be uploading another album before long, and I'll post my experience here. DistroKid has only been around for a few months itself and it's a one man operation.

My question has been answered in the DistroKid FAQ about uploading one song from an album and wanting to upload other songs from the same album to go with it later). You delete the "album" of the one song and re-upload that song along with the rest of the cuts on the album.


  1. Hey Bobby,
    The bulk of complaints I've heard about DistroKid have to do with their payout system. Have you been able to access whatever money you've earned through sales as promised or have you run into problems? That's my main concern, not that I won't see my music on those places, but that I won't see the money from people buying my music.


  2. Also, can you respond to this comment, not the last comment I posted? I forgot to click the "notify me" box on the last comment. Thanks.